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Conductive or Sensorineural Hearing Loss: Which Type Affects You?

Did you know that 1 in 6 Australians experience some form of hearing loss? Thus, understanding your hearing loss is the first step towards finding the right solutions to enhance your auditory experience. 

Unraveling the Cause: Identifying Conductive or Sensorineural Hearing Loss

There are two primary types of hearing loss: conductive and sensorineural. Let’s delve into these types to help you better understand which one might be affecting you.

Conductive Hearing Loss

It occurs when sound waves have trouble passing from the outer to the inner ear. Various factors, such as earwax buildup, fluid in the middle ear, or ear bone problems, can cause Conductive Hearing Loss. 

If you’ve noticed that your hearing seems muffled or faint or frequently experience ear infections, you might be dealing with conductive hearing loss.

Sensorineural Hearing Loss

This Hearing Loss involves damage to the inner ear or the auditory nerve. This hearing loss often occurs due to ageing, exposure to loud noises, certain medications, or genetic factors. 

Industrial deafness in Australia is a concern that affects many individuals due to prolonged exposure to loud workplaces. It is common in industries like construction and manufacturing and often leads to sensorineural hearing loss. 

People with this hearing loss often struggle to understand conversations, especially in noisy environments and might find it challenging to discern high-pitched sounds.

Identifying Your Type

To determine which type of hearing loss you’re experiencing, it’s crucial to consult a hearing healthcare professional. Once you have a precise diagnosis, you can explore appropriate solutions to improve your hearing and overall quality of life.

What are the best solutions?

Hearing aids are powerful tools that enhance your hearing abilities, making conversations and everyday activities enjoyable again. Here are some of the best hearing aids we provide:


Whether you’re dealing with conductive or sensorineural hearing loss, remember that help is available. If you’re ready to take the next step towards better hearing, consider reaching out to our experts at Hearing Aids Professionals. 

We specialize in providing personalized hearing aids that can make a significant difference in your life. Remember, taking that first step towards better hearing is a step towards a more vibrant world of sound. 

Don’t let hearing loss hold you back – seek help and rediscover the joy of hearing again.