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When Should You Get A Pre-Employment Test And What Is It About?

Know everything about a pre-employment test  in Sydney and the professionals that offer it

Before venturing into a new job, there are so many things that need attention. Being physically as well as mentally prepared for the same is of vital importance. A hearing test is also something that is asked for, especially if you are entering into a profession such as the airlines, music industry, acoustics, engineering or any profession really. This is to ascertain that you are able to hear your coworkers well and can take instructions.


What is a pre-employment test and how is it done?

Audiometric exams are designed to check your hearing level and whether it is optimal for the job at hand. These audiometric exams are also conducted during the span of the job in a high noise environment. This is done to check if your hearing has in any way been impacted by the noise. 

There are a variety of tests that can determine this. Pure tone audiometry is measuring the quietest sound you are able to hear. This helps provide an indication of the sensitivity of the ears. 

The results are determined in the form of an audiogram. The sound in decibels is charted on the Y axis, while the range of frequencies is on the X-axis. The resulting graph indicates how well you hear. 

Why is a pre-employment hearing test is important?

The test is a certification that the employee is fit for the job and can perform tasks without any hindrance to the usual workflow. The test is also done for employees who work in a loud noise environment in order to test if their hearing is being impacted by the noise. 

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