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Comprehensive Hearing Test

Complete Hearing Assessment At Hearing Aids’ Professionals

Advanced Hearing Test For Accurate Results
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At Hearing Aids’ Professionals, we are committed to delivering patient-centric hearing services. We are an independent and locally owned practice that has more than a decade of experience in providing accurate hearing test assessments. We understand the inconveniences difficulty in hearing brings to normal conversations and other functions. While hearing difficulties can be caused due to various reasons such as injury, aging, illness and genetics, it is crucial to identify exponential hearing loss at an early stage to prevent deterioration of hearing ability in later stages

Comprehensive Hearing Assessment at Hearing Aids’ Professionals - Finding The Right Solution For You

At Hearing Aids' Professionals, we perform complete Comprehensive Hearing Assessment, to identify early detection of a decrease in hearing abilities and help you manage and prevent more hearing loss. With advanced hearing test methods, we aim at finding the right hearing aids for all your needs by carefully analysing your hearing abilities at all parameters to ensure that the results are accurate. Our Audiologists work carefully right from understanding your hearing difficulties, performing hearing test methods and analysing your kids hearing test results.
We listen to your concerns and address them for better hearing help. We put years of experience and expertise to work when it comes to you. Every home/house visit for us is an opportunity for us to help you. At Hearing Aids’ Professionals, you are our priority.
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Hearing Assessment At Hearing Aids’ Professionals

At Hearing Aids’ Professionals, we perform hearing test procedures that are accurate and current as per present testing models. With house/home visits, we provide:
Our trained Audiologist takes care of your hearing test for kids with precautions, proper sanitisation and keeping your comfort at priority always. We are patient and listen to all your hearing difficulties with the aim to provide the most practical solution. At Hearing Aids’ Professionals, are dedicated to providing high-quality hearing aids solutions that improve quality of life.
We exercise our years of experience, make the best use of available advanced hearing assessment and provide effective hearing aids solutions that fit your needs.
We follow standard steps during your hearing test session as per government regulations. Our home/house visiting Audiologists follow all safety measures and carry all necessary sanitisation as directed by government bodies and the WHO.
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Comprehensive Hearing Assessment - What To Expect?

At Hearing Aids’ Professionals, we perform an all-round hearing test for children to provide convenient and advanced hearing aid services that are best for you.
Pure Tone Audiometry: Highly advanced and accurate mobile audiometry that is performed by using a standard set of frequencies (known as an audiogram) using specific mobile applications with the intention to detect potential hearing impairments.
Bone Conduction Testing: Bone Conduction Testing helps in identifying the type of hearing loss. This testing is done often in pair with a pure-tone test that helps in determining the degree of blockage in the ear
Speech Recognition Testing: As the name suggests, the Speech Recognition Testing is performed to ascertain the patient’s ability to both, hear and understand normal conversations without difficulties. This is done by measuring the patient’s ability to pick the softest made sound and clarity in understanding and processing spoken words.

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