GN ReSound Musicians HearSavers - Custom Earplug

Covid Safe Batch
ReSounds’ Musicians Hearsavers offer amazing customisation for your ears and come with superior sound quality.
Their USP lies in the specialised acoustic filters that keep the overall sound dosage under check with reductions ranging from 10dB, 15dB or 25dB while causing absolutely no distortion in the integrity of the sound.
It is worth noting there are 3 acoustic filters available, each of them interchangeable and being able to filter conversations from external noise.

Hearing Aids' Professional Package:

ReSounds’ Musicians Hearsavers For:

Musicians / Sound crews / DJs / Bands / Orchestras / Concert Goers / Night Club Staff & Patrons

Terms and conditions:

To get your ear impressions, get in touch with Hearing Aids' Professionals to set up an appointment.
If you are unable to attend our clinic, you can get a pair of ear impressions from a qualified hearing specialist which can then be sent to us.

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