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Fully Equipped Hearing Services & Testing At Your Home At home fittings and adjustments just how you want it!

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At Hearing Aids Professionals, we are committed to making your every day better with hearing aids that are exclusive for your needs. We will ensure you will have the most comprehensive testing and hearing aid fitting session. 

Hearing Aids’ Professionals is an independent local hearing specialist which is proudly Australian owned. A lot of hearing care providers will be restricted with the options they can provide due to the contract they will have with the hearing aid manufacturer. 

We do not restrict ourselves to one or two manufacturers but ensure that clients get a wide range to choose from. So as a client you CAN choose any brand and any hearing aid that suits your individual needs.

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At Hearing Aids’ Professionals Get Hearing Aids That Suit You and Your Lifestyle

Why Hearing Aids’ Professionals?

  • We do not have to pay any commission hence we can pass the savings to you!
  • You get the latest devices on the market
  • Mobile – get service at the comfort of your own home
  • No tie-ups with any particular hearing aid manufacturer- Freedom of choice.
  • Vast experience with expertise in providing quality hearing aids Sydney solutions and audiology Australia experience
  • Locally and independently owned
  • Zero sales commission – 100% transparent process

Top Brands in Australia:

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Further discounts for Pensioners, Veterans and Seniors?

Accredited Hearing Service Provider to provide Fully subsidised hearing aids for Pensioners and eligible Department of Veterans Affairs’ Veterans. Seniors’ Discounts available.

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How We Become Your Hearing Aids Companion

The 3 Step Process We Follow At Hearing Aids Professionals

  • Hearing Assessment including hearing aid discussion and ordering (60 Minutes)
  • Fitting of the hearing aids at the comfort of your home with our house visit (60 Minutes)
  • Follow up appointment to check how the fitting went and if you need further assistance with the hearing aid (30 Minutes)
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Hearing clinic level expertise at the comfort of your home!

Hearing Aids’ Professionals - Turning Your Surroundings Audible

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