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Have a FREE Hearing Test at the Convenience of your Home

Dissecting Your Audiogram For Better Results

Home Visit Service from our Hearing Care Experts

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At Hearing Aids' Professionals, we understand that it is not always possible for you to come over to us for your hearing care requirements. Be it issues in mobility or advice from your doctor to stay at home, rest assured that we would leave no stone unturned in delivering unmatched hearing care right at the comfort of your home.
You can vouch for the fact that you would benefit from the highest standards of hearing care from our ever supportive and friendly staff of hearing care professionals who would make it a point to listen and understand all your hearing woes. Furthermore, we provide high quality and accurate hearing tests that would give you a clear picture of your hearing issues and let us help you with it.
We give utmost priority to hearing care and we are of the firm belief that being in your home should not hinder you from getting access to the beautiful world of sounds that surround you every single day.
Understanding the present situation, Hearing Aids' Professionals provide COVID Safe services so you can have your hearing aids without any delays and safety at the convenience of your home.

Hearing Test at Home: The Process

Step 1: Book your appointment

You can use our online form (Click Here) or call us at () to schedule your at-home appointment with us. We will get your hearing test arranged.

Step 2: Have your hearing test done

Our expert audiometrist will pay a visit to your home, run the necessary hearing test, discuss the results and give you the options for the best hearing aids if you need them.

Step 3: Get your custom hearing aid

Once you choose a hearing aid, our hearing specialists will custom design it for you and bring it to your home, ensuring that you have absolutely no issues with your hearing aid and you can use it confidently.
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