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Hearing Aids Baulkham Hills

Take the test to check for auditory distress!

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Get tested today to know if you have hearing loss! Developed to ascertain the cause of auditory disorders! Test your hearing at home conveniently! From bone conduction to tympanometry hearing test! All available!

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All of our ear examinations are carefully designed to assess where the imbalance lies in sound communication through the auditory system. Our brain has created a pathway for the sound to reach into our ears. It reaches the eardrums from the external ear via the ear canal. This leads to vibrations which are indeed transferred to the inner ear, where they continue to stay. The hair follicles inside our ears ultimately transfer them to the auditory nerve through which our brain recognises them as audio. This systematic method is what we call hearing. 

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Hearing Aids Professionals Baulkham Hills: Our Services Include

  • Tests are conducted at home to ensure the comfort and convenience of our patients.
  • NDIS members suffering from industrial hearing loss, including veterans and pensioners, are eligible for payment-related rewards.
  • Fitting and follow up sessions with specialists who are at your disposal from examination to resolutions. 
  • Updates available to brand new devices.
  • You have access to on-call consultations and assistance with our renowned audiometrists at the ease of your own home. 
Note: We are a fully accredited service provider - contracted with the Hearing Services Program - which is eligible for pensioners and DVA gold cardholders

Tests That Provide Comprehensive Assessment

Screening to detect where the problem lies

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  • Different sound pitches that you can hear and specific amplified aids that will be required are ascertained by Puretone audiometry. 
  • In order to investigate certain blockages and the amount of compiled wax to be removed from the ear canal is determined by Bone conduction testing. 
  • Speech testing helps in differentiating speech sounds from other noises.
  • Whether the vibrations of the eardrum are transmitted or the sound, in general, is being communicated to the brain is decided by Tympanometry.

Through us, our patients can get access to numerous tests and assessments all at the same time. Our team of experts is trained to successfully carry out these tests. In this way, we can decide on the best remedy you need. Appropriate filters and the right amplification should be utilised to achieve optimum conclusions from these aids. We ensure a proper environment without any hindrance for conducting all your hearing-related tests. The ultimate goal is to provide the most educative and effective experience for our precious customers. From a skilled team that is responsible for running the tests to supplying customised hearing aids. You can find it all at our home-owned brand. 

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