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Hearing Aids Baulkham Hills

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hearing aids baulkham hills

The screening methods are curated to check where the discrepancy lies in the transmission of sound through the auditory system. Sound once the external ear passes through the ear canal, reaches the eardrum and vibrations occur. The vibrations are then transmitted to the inner ear, where the vibrations continue and are finally transmitted by the hair cells to the auditory nerve from where it is taken to the brain and sounds are processed.

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Note: We are a fully accredited service provider - contracted with the Hearing Services Program - which is eligible for pensioners and DVA gold cardholders

Tests That Provide Comprehensive Assessment

Screening to detect where the problem lies

Our team offers multiple screening methods under one roof where patients can get access to all. The audiometrists are efficient at conducting these tests to determine the best way forward. Hearing aids help a great deal. In order to get the best results from the devices and the correct amplification, the correct filters should be used. All tests are performed in the appropriate environment without any interference of external sounds. The aim at our locally owned and run venture is to give you a wholesome experience by offering you help, an experienced team that conducts the screening, assessment of the results, and provisions of aids.

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