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Hearing Aids Blue Mountains

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Hearing Aids Blue Mountains

With age, hearing tends to get affected. The reason is that the hair cells in the inner ear that are responsible for the transmission of sound degenerate and this causes Presbycusis. It is vital to get this detected in time so that auditory aid can be provided to elderly people. The ear is made of different components, each with a specific function. Any blockage in the canal or built-up wax could also result in loss of sound perception. 

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Note: We are a fully accredited service provider - contracted with Hearing Services Program - which is eligible for pensioners and DVA gold cardholders.

Perception Of Sound Is A Journey. Are You Having A Comfortable One?

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Presbycusis is common as old age nears. We are a locally owned and run service provider for auditory services. We have a team that understands the Presbycusis condition and is aware of the tests to be conducted for the same. Since the condition is a natural one and usually only aid can help, we also have a range of devices and aids that have been upgraded with the latest technology to help you. Our team can assist you with applying for funding schemes should you be eligible. Your journey to better sound is here.

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