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Hearing Aids Dural

Earplugs that block out the sound!

Audiometrists to help you with premium earplugs!

Home visits available in Dural!

Presenting ear devices that are specifically curated to filter out noise! Professionals trained to hook you up with quality assured hearing aids. All of this under at your disposal! Door-to-door visits available all over Dural!

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A majority of ear disorders are caused due to noise, insufficient rest, and an unorganised sleep cycle. The best device to cure these issues is hearing aids. Commonly known as earplugs, they contain filters. These filters take care of the sound that is required for a person to be able to hear clearly. Our audiometrists are always there for you to suggest the most appropriate earplugs. Every individual gets customised aids designed to solve their issue. However, choosing one can be difficult due to the vast range of earplug brands. Through expert advise, the process gets easier. 

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Hearing Aids’ Professionals Dural services:

  • Post fitting of hearing aids feedback available by the provision of remote healthcare consultation to understand the patient better. 
  • Assisting patients with hearing disorders to cope through counselling and healing programs.
  • Providing auditory tests and remedies as a domestic owned and run Hearing Service Provider (HSP).
  • NDIS members suffering from industrial hearing loss, including veterans and pensioners, are qualified for reimbursement. 
  • Audiometrists trained in getting to know the patient’s lifestyle before suggesting an aid. 
Note: We are a fully accredited service provider - contracted with Hearing Services Program - which is eligible for pensioners and DVA gold cardholders.
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Our 3 Step Strategy For An Optimal Experience

For you to have a sound life we follow 3 steps:

  • The foremost step includes tests conducted by an expert followed by a discussion session. In this, the issue is discussed where the plan of action and products are chosen on the basis of your lifestyle. ( session limit- 60 minutes)
  • After identifying and deciding upon the earplugs, the fittings process is carried out.
  • The last step is all about feedback. A thorough conversation about the performance of the aids is arranged between you and the audiometrist. This session lasts up to 30 minutes.

All our expert services are available at competitive prices. We offer our products through the most renowned suppliers with top-notch quality. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, and we are ever ready to be at your beck and call. We ensure through expert supervision that your experience is trouble-free. From conductive hearing tests and suggesting the correct device to follow-ups and feedback. You can trust us! Give our professionals a chance to help you in exploring the possibility of hearing loss or even acquiring up-to-date technology.  

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