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Most people who experience auditory distress find it tough to go through daily life situations and get accustomed to activities such as listening to the radio, tuning in to the television, carrying out conversations in crowded rooms clearly, etc. To assist in these tasks and enhance the clarity of sound transmitted to the hearer, Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs) can be bought. These not only enhance the clarity of sound that is being transmitted but also enable the person who has hearing loss to be able to hear better in crowded spaces.

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Note: We are a fully accredited service provider - contracted with Hearing Services Program - which is eligible for pensioners and DVA gold cardholders.

Assistive Listening Devices Can Augment The Hearing Experience

The benefits of these aids:

We are committed to enhancing the experience of those with auditory problems. Such people often experience isolation as they cannot partake in conversations. In order to combat this, devices that help augment the clarity of voice and amplify it can be a great boon. We provide a wide range of products that not only facilitate easy conversations between the speaker and the listener wearing aids, but even provide a sense of comfort to the person who cannot hear clearly. No one should feel strange in social settings due to being unable to hear well. Our range of Assistive Listening Devices are able to seamlessly deliver sounds even in noisy settings

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