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GN ReSound Solid HearSavers - Custom Earplug

ReSound Solid Hearsavers are ideal to offer protection to your ears from loud external noise. In addition, with the high level of customisation that completely suits your hearing needs, you can choose your very own device based on parameters such as the intensity level, duration and nature of noise that you experience on a daily basis.

ReSounds’ Solid Hearsavers are equipped to curb external noises by causing sound reduction by up to 40dB.

Hearing Aids' Professional Package:

ReSounds Solid Hearsavers:

Industrial Workers | Builders & Construction Workers | Military/Aircraft Operators | Loud Concert Goers

Terms and conditions:

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To get your ear impressions, get in touch with Hearing Aids’ Professionals to set up an appointment.

If you are unable to attend our clinic, you can get a pair of ear impressions from a qualified hearing aid specialist which can then be sent to us.

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