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Hearing Aids Fitting That's Tailored For You

Why Hearing Aid Fitting Follow-ups Are Important, Explained

The importance of hearing aid fitting & follow up explained

While finding the hearing aid that fits your ear and lives up to your expectation may seem hard and at times impossible, our team of audiometrists ensure that they will help you find a hearing aid device that’s just right for you.

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The 3 Step Process We Follow At Hearing Aids Professionals

The whole hearing rehabilitation is usually a 3 step process:

We ensure that your hearing aid is customised to the best and fits your ears perfectly so you can go about the day without worrying about the hearing aid.

While the first home/house visit of the audiometrist to get your fitting done for hearing aid is important, the follow-ups are equally important. With each follow-up session, you can experience the difference the hearing aid is making in your life and you may experience more comfortable and confident about the hearing aid installation.

Follow-up helps your audiometrist understand and address your concerns

Scheduled hearing aids fitting sessions creates room for you to understand your hearing aid fitting better and fathom if you need more assistance. With our audiometrists making routine home visits to check and refit your hearing aids, we encourage you to share your concerns so we can address them.

Our Audiometrist is friendly and well informed when it comes to what your hearing aid fitting is about. While the second fitting will be more comfortable than the first one and so on, we always encourage you to share what feels more comfortable in terms of hearing aids fitting and if there are any issues that our audiometrists can take care of.

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Follow-ups allow you to learn new techniques from your Audiometrist

Even if your hearing aid is working fine but you still have problems adjusting them and it takes many attempts to get the right fit. Don’t feel helpless, you aren’t alone in this. It is common to feel discomfort and have difficulty adjusting your hearing aids during the initial days. Hearing aids undeniably change how your life has been and it’s absolutely fine to have your own struggles.

Your first follow-up with your audiometrist is an opportunity to voice your concerns and gain practical experience in hearing aids fitting. If you need more help, the audiometrist may share support groups and other resources with you.

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