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Mobile Audiometric Testing

Range Of Advanced Mobile Screening Audiometry

Understanding Onsite Mobile Audiometric Testing

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Mobile audiometric testing brings the convenience of getting your organisation’s hearing abilities tested without having to make a trip to the audiometrist. Hearing Aids’ Professionals offer mobile audiometric testing services that use the latest available testing methods to determine hearing conditions of your employees.

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What is mobile audiometric testing?

An individual hearing screening will provide the following:

Mobile screening audiometry is a dependable process for early detection of hearing loss as a result of exposure to disproportionate levels of noise. As per the Standard recommendations, it is advised that companies undergo complete hearing screening annually or bi-annually to ensure effective management of noise-induced hearing loss and possible compensation claims by employees.

In case a new employee joins the organisation that has a noisy work surrounding, they must have a baseline hearing test done before they begin their employment

The baseline test (also known as initial screening) forms the basis for gaining insights on the employees’ hearing health. Routine hearing screening tests keep check of how their hearing health.

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Why undertaking Audiometric Testing is important for an employer?

Audiometric testing is an important process every organisation that works in surroundings with excessive noise must undergo as per standard rules and regulations. By undergoing such tests, the organisation takes a step towards ensuring the safety of the workplace or parts of workplaces that are often exposed to high levels of noise. The testing also checks if the workplace is safe for employees.

In order to protect your natural hearing abilities, it is crucial to wear hearing protection gears. They save your ears from incurring damage in the long run.

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