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Industrial Deafness Claims Compensation

Complete Industrial deafness NSW Assistance

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If you are suffering from hearing loss that has resulted from your working environment, then you may be eligible to lodge a claim for industrial deafness

Industrial Deafness Explained

Any loss of hearing, either gradually or suddenly, resulting from a person's working environment is referred to as industrial deafness.

Industrial deafness is also known as noise induced hearing loss or occupational deafness.

It is worth noting that working in an environment wherein the noise levels are above 85dB and finding it to be a common occurrence to ask others to speak louder or turning up the volume of your devices, then it is quite possible that you have industrial deafness courtesy of the bothersome noise levels at your working environment.

The Legal Responsibility of Employers at Your Workplace

When it comes to industries such as construction, steel plants, mining, oil etc., noise is a necessary evil.

It goes without saying that people working in these industries are highly susceptible to developing industrial deafness.

As such, in working environments where the noise levels tend to go above 80dB, it is a legal responsibility of the employer to adopt measures that effectively curb the noise levels.

Claims for Industrial Deafness NSW

Hearing loss from workplace environments is a major issue that has been omnipresent throughout Australia, particularly for those in the construction and manufacturing industries.

Sadly, most of these affected people aren't even aware of the fact that they are entitled to compensation for their hearing loss condition.

Therefore, Hearing Aids' Professionals have made it a commitment for themselves to educate and assist such affected people with the industrial deafness NSW claims through supreme legal and medical assistance.

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Hearing Aids' Professional Offers Assistance in Claiming Compensation for Industrial Deafness NSW

Are you noticing any of these symptoms?

Hearing Aids' Professionals will offer you 100% assistance in claiming your complete compensation and the digital hearing aid.

We are fully accredited by WorkCover to provide hearing health services, reports, and recommendations in accordance with all statutory obligations under the NSW Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011.

Some FAQs on Industrial Deafness Claims NSW

Q: Is there any cost involved to lodge a claim for industrial deafness ?

A: No legal fees or expenses would be charged. All monetary requirements will be covered on due acceptance of the application by the WorkCover Independent Review Office (WIRO) or, at times, the insurance company.

Q: Is the cost of hearing aids claimable?

A: As per the NSW laws, people suffering from industrial deafness are entitled to claim a life time supply of hearing aids. More particularly, you can receive new hearing aids for every 5 years throughout your lifetime, unless, of course, you lose them. In such a case, you get immediate replacement of your hearing aids.

Q: What are the steps involved in claiming compensation for hearing loss through Hearing Aids' Professional?

A: The steps involved in the process for claiming the compensation are the following:

1. Meet our audiometrist and have a comprehensive hearing assessment.
2. A report to be sent to the lawyers who will then assess your case.
3. Attend a medical specialist who will assess your industrial deafness and consequently make a report and send it to the lawyers.
4. On receiving the report, lawyers will submit the claim for you.
5. On successful completion of the claim, you will return to get your hearing aids.

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