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Conclusive and Confidential Pre Employment Assessment Test

Ensure You Are Prepared For The Job With Pre-employment Hearing Tests

Importance of Pre Screening Employment Test in NSW

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Exposure to loud noise in the workplace environment is a common cause of hearing loss in NSW. Noise levels of above 85dB averaged over the course of an 8-hour shift may lead to hearing loss, be it temporary or permanent. Excessive noise may also cause tinnitus

This hearing loss is typically an outcome of damage caused by prolonged exposure to high noise levels in the working environment and is known as noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). NIHL is a permanent hearing loss that can take a severe toll on your daily life.

Noises of extremely high magnitude (usually from heavy machinery or explosives) can cause instant damage to the hearing ability. This is known as acoustic trauma.


The Pre Employment Assessment Test aims at identifying the hearing abilities of employees to determine their fitness for the role. Many organisations have hearing ability pre-defined and an important part of the eligibility criteria.

Pre-Employment Assessment Necessities

Hearing Aids' Professionals For You

We at Hearing Aids’ Professionals have carved a niche for ourselves in providing complete assistance to businesses through our workplace and Pre Employment Assessment Test.

We are fully accredited by WorkCover to provide hearing test at home health services, reports, and recommendations in accordance with all statutory obligations under the NSW Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011.

Our expert services include the following:

By partnering with Hearing Aids’ Professionals, you can be rest assured that you would be well-acquainted with methodical risk management at your workplace, thereby ensuring complete protection for everyone involved.

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Pre Employment Assessment Test NSW has to offer.

At Hearing Aids’ Professionals, we are committed to delivering patient-centric hearing services. We are an independent and locally owned practice. We have more than a decade of experience in providing accurate hearing assessments.