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Effective Ringing Ear and Tinnitus Management

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Tinnitus Vicious Cycle

What is Tinnitus all about?

Tinnitus is essentially a sound that you hear in your head that is not caused by an external source. This sound is commonly a ringing, buzzing, tapping or a loud intense noise and is not actually present externally.

A whopping 9/10 people on an average tend to experience at least some magnitude of tinnitus. Fortunately, the human hearing system has a natural tendency to evade irrelevant sounds and as such, most of us get over Tinnitus in due course of time. However, being worried about your tinnitus unanimously makes you give a lot of importance to the tinnitus, making it difficult for you to get over it.

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Is Tinnitus Treatment Possible?

Tinnitus can really take a toll on your regular way of life. Difficulty in focusing, insomnia, severe headaches and migraine, sensitivity to loud noises, or anxiety at elevations are some of the common effects of tinnitus.

At Hearing Aids’ Professional tinnitus clinic Sydney, our expert audiometrists specialise in aiding people with tinnitus and set them on course with tinnitus treatment and therapy options.

What causes Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is usually associated with prolonged exposure to loud noise, ear diseases or infections, loss of hearing, ear or head trauma, and stress.

In addition, it can possibly be a side effect of some medication. It should be noted that heaps of people who have tinnitus may have never even suffered from any of these issues. As such, tinnitus and its effects vary in each individual.

The most common cause for tinnitus is loss of hearing, no matter how less. Hearing loss normally deprives the brain of the necessary sound reception that it is used to. In order to make up for that, your brain inherently tries to tap into any sound it can perceive even if it is internal. As such, the brain intercepts the natural internal sounds within the head and marks them with enough relevance to be perceived. This sound is designated as tinnitus.

Prolonged exposure to noise can result in loss of hearing and tinnitus. In fact, people have even reported experiencing tinnitus on exposure to loud noises. This tinnitus is temporary and goes away shortly. It serves as a heads-up that you have been exposed to loud and bothersome noise.

The pressing question: Does stress cause tinnitus?

Though stress is not directly responsible for causing tinnitus, it can make tinnitus worse. It has been documented that excessive stress or stressful events can lead to tinnitus. Therefore, it is established that stress management is pivotal to tinnitus management. Consequently, de-stressing is crucial for tinnitus treatment.

Effective Tinnitus Management

It has been mentioned previously that tinnitus and its effects vary from individual to individual. As such, each case of tinnitus is unique and its management is a function of the individual’s set of conditions. To serve the purpose of providing effective tinnitus treatment, special management steps are crafted depending on the conditions of the individual.

At Hearing Aids’ Professional, our expert team of audiometrists leave no stone unturned in getting to the core of the causes for your tinnitus and the factors that are reinforcing it. In addition, we make it a point to closely inspect the impact that your tinnitus is having on your daily life. Accordingly, a comprehensive plan is developed to help you manage your tinnitus. This plan is a subject of various meticulous strategies that are customised to suit your conditions and lifestyle alike.

The Role of Hearing Aids in Tinnitus Management