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A Hearing Test In Sydney And Other Auditory Features That You Need To Pay Attention To

Premier hearing loss treatment in Sydney!

There are several components that could be reasons for your hearing loss. 

These parameters need to be tested in order to ensure that you receive optimal care and treatment. 

Hearing Aids’ Professionals is a hearing clinic in Sydney that assists those who have any form of auditory issue. Helping those who have hearing loss is the primary focus here. 

Along with this, at our Sydney clinic, hearing tests to check the areas which are impacted, or in order to determine the degree of the hearing loss is also done by our skilled audiometrists. 

There is a range of tests available to help you with your coping. But before we get to that, let us understand how hearing loss occurs. 

How does one lose their sense of hearing? 

  • Sound travels from the outer ear to the middle ear and then goes to the inner ear. 
  • In the inner ear, there is a cochlea that has hair cells present on it. 
  • These hairs transform the sound vibrations into electrical signals that go to the brain. 
  • Old age and infections can damage the hair cells on the cochlea and this damage is irreparable. 
  • Thus gradually, hearing loss is the result. 

Hearing Aids’ Professionals offers hearing tests in Sydney to determine where exactly is the loophole in the transmission of sound. 

Bone conduction testing and what it implies

The test is done with the purpose of assessing if there is some sort of a blockage in the outer or the middle ear. 

How does the bone conduction testing proceed? 

  • The audiologist will put a device behind your ear. 
  • The device can also be placed on the forehead.
  • Sounds are sent through the device.
  • Sounds cause vibrations when they pass through a medium, right?
  • These sounds will cause your skull to vibrate.

How are the results of the bone conduction testing analysed? 

The sounds from the device are sent to the inner ear, that is the cochlea. If the sounds travel without any obstruction, it is deemed that the outer and middle ear are working well. 

However, if there is any obstruction in the outer or middle ear, the subject will not be able to hear the sound well. 

Speech recognition testing and it’s efficacy

The test is done to assess how well you are able to listen to words and process them. 

How does speech recognition testing work? 

  • You wear a pair of headphones. 
  • The audiologist speaks to you through this pair of headphones and says a series of different words at different frequencies. 
  • You are required to repeat these words. 

How are the speech recognition testing results analysed? 

Through the test, it can be judged whether the subject can perceive sound and process it. Since sounds of different frequencies are used, the audiometrist will judge the lowest frequency of sound that you can hear correctly and the highest. 

This will give an idea of the degree of hearing. 

Tympanometry testing in Sydney is now simple! 

Often due to old age or infections, people experience a buzz or ringing in the ear. There could be various reasons for the same. 

When is tympanometry testing done in our Sydney clinic? 

The causes of tympanometry are as follows: 

  • Fluid in the ear
  • Earwax clogging the eardrum
  • Scarring of the eardrum
  • Old age

What does tympanometry testing involve? 

  • A probe is inserted into each ear.
  • A device is attached to the probe. 
  • The probe pushes air into the ear. 
  • A tympanogram will indicate if there is any blockage. 

How are the results of tympanometry testing analysed in our Sydney clinic? 

The pressure inside the ear is measured. The tympanogram is analysed and normal results would mean: 

  • Normal movement of the bones present in the inner ear. 
  • The eardrum is receptive to sound vibrations. 
  • The pressure within the ear is normal. 
  • There is no fluid present in the ear that is obstructing the flow of air. 

Now that you have an idea about tympanometry testing at our Sydney clinic, why don’t you come in? 

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