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All Is Not Lost. Head For A Hearing Loss Treatment To Hearing Aids’ Professionals

All Is Not Lost. Head For A Hearing Loss Treatment To Hearing Aids’ Professionals

People are made of noise. The world is full of noise – Victoria Schwab

Are you craving to hear these sounds? From the ebb and flow of the waves to the chatter of your neighbor, sounds fill our days. The ear is a mechanism that operates like a well-oiled machine. If something goes rusty there are chances the parts can never be replaced, but that doesn’t mean the functioning of the machine – hearing, should be hampered. At Hearing Aids’ Professionals let’s get you ready to hear the ebb and flow of the sea once again, shall we?

Hearing Loss can be of three types, these are:

Sensorineural Hearing Loss

Usually permanent, this kind of hearing loss can be frightening. In adults, it occurs due to age, whereas in kids certain birth defects could trigger it. In this kind of hearing damage, the nerve that extends from the ear to your brain is damaged. Thus unless you have a nerve-repairing apparatus in your body that gets active and rises to the occasion, there’s nothing that can be done…except…wait a minute – Hearing Aids’ Professionals magic. 

Our patient-centric hearing services will help you get through the sensorineural hearing loss. This hearing loss treatment doesn’t aim to cure, but rather assist you in hearing everything around you to the last decibel. 

Conductive Hearing Loss

In this case, sounds cannot get through the outer and middle ears. Thus the ear’s ability to amplify sounds is affected. Soft sounds are almost impossible to hear whereas loud sounds may be muffled. 

This may be due to bony outgrowths in the ear, inflammation to the inner year, or a bone defect in the inner year. 

As complicated as conductive hearing loss sounds, our hearing professionals will conduct necessary comprehensive hearing assessments and identify what will help you best. 

With a hearing loss treatment that aims to help you catch sounds like they’re meant to be, you will have a sound life. 

Mixed Hearing Loss

As you may have guessed, this type of hearing loss is a mix of the above. In a person suffering from mixed hearing loss, it is recommended that we take care of the conductive damage first and then pay attention to the sensorineural one. 

At Hearing Aids’ Professionals, we understand that every person has a different requirement and thus our hearing aids are tailor-made to fit your needs. 

Can Hearing Aids’ Professionals provide complete hearing loss treatment by curing or reverse your hearing loss?

We wish we could, but reversing hearing loss is still under study, as it involves a complex interplay of factors. While conductive hearing loss can be resolved at certain times, by draining excess fluid or clearing out pent-up earwax that may have built up in the ear, sensorineural hearing loss is much more difficult if not impossible. This is due to the nerve being damaged. 

While we pointed out to the analogy between the ear being a machine that once damaged beyond repair cannot be fixed, the function shouldn’t necessarily be affected. A solution would be finding another machine that did the exact same thing- hearing. 

Hearing aids can to some degree provide you with an almost normal sense of hearing. What’s more, is that these devices are non-invasive and you wouldn’t have to worry about needles and more poking and prodding in your ears. 

Once you get over the initial discomfort of having an external device help you with hearing, the experience is quite pleasant. We understand how unsettling it can be to not be able to hear your favourite sounds of the day, and we will try to make the procedure of getting a hearing aid a very comfortable one. 

Contact us today and let us help you hear better!