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hearing loss treatment Sydney

Avail The Hearing Loss Treatment Sydney And You Will Never Have To Ask People To Repeat Themselves

Tympanometry testing in Sydney has helped many. It is your turn now!

Hearing loss is never easy. You are able to hear things clearly up to a point in time and then suddenly the world blurs out. You feel you are listening to things which are far away from reality and you. 

But while you experience difficulty in this major life turn, it is also tough for the people around you. 

Hearing Aids’ Professionals has introduced several services that will help you and your 

loved ones tide over this tough phase of life. 

In order to understand how to overcome it, it is necessary to know what part of the hearing apparatus has been affected and how this in turn has contributed to the hearing loss. 

There are several hearing loss treatments in Sydney and Hearing Aids’ Professionals stand out. 

In this article, you will become aware of the types of hearing loss, why they occur and the degree to which they can be helped with hearing aids. 

Why is sensorineural hearing loss Sydney difficult to manage?

The nerve that extends between the inner ear and the brain becomes damaged and this constitutes a sensorineural hearing loss.  Sydney has its hearing services and Hearing Aids’ Professionals has a range of hearing aids that can help. 

The characteristics of sensorineural hearing loss Sydney are:

  • The inner ear, which is the most sensitive part, becomes damaged. 
  • The nerve that extends from the inner ear to the brain is affected due to loud noise or infection.
  • The cochlea has hair cells on it and once damaged, these hair cells cannot be regenerated. 
  • Age, loud noise, viral infection are some of the causes of this type of hearing loss. 
  • In certain cases, drugs could also be the reason for this condition. 
  • A sensorineural hearing loss may be inherited from either parent.
  • Medicine and surgery in Sydney cannot treat or reverse sensorineural hearing loss. 

The mechanism of conductive hearing loss Sydney

Contrary to what happens in sensorineural hearing loss, in conductive hearing loss there is something that goes wrong with the ability of the outer and middle ear to carry sound to the inner ear. 

Sydney’s Hearing Aids’ Professionals has much experience with conductive hearing loss and will assist you with the right hearing aids to correct this. 

The characteristics of conductive hearing loss in Sydney are: 

  • The middle and outer ear are affected in this case. 
  • Sound waves cannot be transported to the inner ear. 
  • In the case of built-up wax or fluid, the hearing loss can be reversed by clearing up the buildup or by draining the fluid. 
  • It also occurs when a foreign object has been inserted into the ear.
  • Occurs most commonly in children.
  • Certain ear infections can also cause this hearing loss.
  • Surgery can help to a certain extent. 

Is mixed hearing loss Sydney a case of double trouble?

Yes. It would be fair to say that mixed hearing loss does have the features of both the above kinds of hearing loss. 

The characteristics of mixed hearing loss in Sydney are:

  • One may have sensorineural hearing loss and then go on to develop conductive hearing loss. This situation is classified as mixed hearing loss.
  • There is damage to the outer and middle ear.
  • There is damage to the hair cells of the inner ears.
  • The nerve that connects the inner ear to the brain is also affected. 
  • The inner ear cannot process the sound and cannot send it to the brain.
  • Sound cannot be perceived.

Are you now on the edge wondering if you have mixed hearing loss, Sydney?

 Do not stress. 

Our audiometrists at Hearing Aids’ Professionals have dealt with multiple such cases in the past and know how to manage them with the right hearing aids. 

Have a tympanometry testing in Sydney today!

When you experience any form of hearing loss, the first step is not to freak out.

Instead, delve deeper into what is causing it.

This is what a tympanometry testing in Sydney involves:

  • When sound waves hit the eardrum, it vibrates. 
  • In a tympanometry test, this degree of vibration is measured. 
  • This gives an inclination of how well the eardrum is receptive to the sound.
  • It also helps the audiometrist assess if the ear bones are functioning well.
  • Tympanometry testing in Sydney helps the audiometrist to differentiate clearly between sensorineural hearing loss and conductive hearing loss. 

A hearing loss treatment in Sydney need not cause you excess trouble

At Hearing Aids’ Professionals, the aim is to alleviate your troubles and only give you relief. 

Whether it is hearing tests at home, or free hearing test drives done by our audiometrists or even follow-up sessions in the months following your hearing aid fitting, we will be with you every step of the way in order to ensure you have a seamless experience. 

Customised and personalised hearing aids are the need of the hour these days. Everyone experiences different degrees of difficulty and hence the solutions also need to match. 

Our providers are among the best in the market and there is never a compromise on quality. You can pick and choose the fit and design that best matches your needs and lifestyle. 

Our hearing loss treatment program in Sydney will offer you the following:

  • Tinnitus testing
  • Tympanometry testing and management
  • Hearing aid discussions
  • Rehabilitative therapy
  • Counselling 
  • Hearing aid assessment
  • Follow-up sessions where the fit and performance of the hearing aids will be checked.
  • Proper guidance as to how to get used to the hearing aids. 

Hearing loss is no longer just your problem to deal with. 

We believe we can help too. 

Letting you lead a sound life and make the best of it, Hearing Aids’ Professionals is with you every step of the way. 

Contact us for a home visit or a consultation with our audiometrists.