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Complete Guide on Tinnitus Treatment in Australia with Hearing Aids Professionals

It is estimated that nearly 3.6 million people have hearing loss in Australia and it is a pressing issue the government has decided to take a stand for. Nearly 1.3 million people are living with a hearing condition that could have been prevented through early intervention. With these numbers rising every year, the government is consistently ensuring to provide care and support to make hearing tests and devices more accessible to all age groups. This blog discusses one of the major hearing issue faced today – tinnitus. 


What is Tinnitus?

Ever experienced a sudden ringing sound buzzing in your head especially when you are at an elevation? In layman terms, that’s tinnitus. 

Tinnitus is defined as a condition in which a person hears sounds even when there are no outside sources for them. These sounds can be buzzing, roaring, ringing, continuous clicking, hissing and sometimes whistling. It can affect one ear or both ears at a time. The intensity of these sounds can be anywhere between soft to loud. Tinnitus can happen to anyone regardless of their hearing ability. With proper tinnitus treatment in Australia, you can lead a healthy life while being least bothered by your tinnitus. 

The tinnitus sensation/episode usually lasts a few seconds but can extend up to a few minutes. Getting immediate care and treatment is important to ensure you are able to perform everyday functions hassle-free.

Hearing Aids Professionals are a leading audiometric service provider in Sydney that offer at-home (COVID safe) visits for hearing tests anywhere in Sydney. Be it a hearing test Penrith call or a hearing test Castle Hill call, our home visits are simple, reliable and exclusively for you!

Tinnitus symptoms and what can possibly cause it:

Tinnitus can happen due to a wide range of reasons. The exact cause is still unknown but below are the potential and most observed reasons for tinnitus:

  • Extended exposure to loud noises
  • The fluid build-up at the back of the eardrum
  • Frequent blood pressure changes
  • Hearing loss
  • Wax accumulation in the ear
  • Medication side effects
  • Any heart, blood vessels, neck, jaw or teeth related conditions
  • A head injury

If you are experiencing minor symptoms of tinnitus, it is always best to seek professional help instead of assuming. Proper medical care can prevent the onset of tinnitus. 

Seek medical attention if:

  • Experiencing tinnitus in only one ear (especially if undiagnosed)
  • Pressure or sensation of fullness in one or both the ears
  • Tinnitus accompanied by temporary loss of hearing
  • Hearing pulsating sounds with no external source for it
  • Dizziness that comes with, before or after tinnitus onset
  • Balancing problems

Hearing Aids Professionals offer at-home hearing tests to diagnose tinnitus. If you are looking for tinnitus treatment in Australia, Hearing Aids Professionals can help with the right device recommendations, fitting and adjustments. Check your NDIS plans to avail of our services!

Tinnitus Treatment in Australia and Management

At Hearing Aids Professionals, you are always our priority. So when we begin testing you for tinnitus, our first aim is to eliminate any medical reason behind the tinnitus onset. Once we are certain there are no medical reasons behind the tinnitus onset, we get down to providing the best possible tinnitus treatment in Australia. 

Our experts will use a combination of hearing aid devices (recommended exclusively by Hearing Aids Professionals), sound generators to minimise the uncomfortable ringing, buzzing or whistling sound from tinnitus, using a combination of hearing aids and sound generators for double protection against tinnitus discomfort, counselling if needed. 

Tinnitus in some cases comes from temporomandibular disorder (TMD). A dentist can help in stopping subconscious teeth grinding and clenching. In other cases, your neck and jaw movements too can be analysed by a physical therapist to determine if the tinnitus is from stress or injury in these areas. Additionally, to prevent early onset of tinnitus, avoid loud noises and seek medical attention if you are experiencing tinnitus-like symptoms.

Is your child complaining about anything similar to tinnitus’ symptoms? Contact Hearing Aids Professionals for hassle free hearing test in Sydney.

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