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Everything About Tinnitus Treatment In Sydney That You Need To Know

Audiometric testing in Sydney shouldn’t be an ordeal

Having tinnitus can be a major life change that you experience. We have put together a guide that tells you everything that you need to know about this. 

What is tinnitus? 

Affecting 15% of the world’s population, tinnitus is a condition that has become unusually common due to the effects of different professions and loud sounds that are part of our life. 

A ringing or a buzzing that is experienced in both ears and comes and goes is classified as tinnitus. 

Why is tinnitus so hard to deal with? 

Tinnitus is a condition that does not manifest in a physical form. This makes it difficult to comprehend by others. The person who is experiencing this ringing in the ears finds it hard to explain it to others, thus causing a social dilemma. 

The causes of tinnitus

What causes this sudden buzz in the ears? Is it a trigger, a genetic condition that manifests at a certain age or something that cannot be explained? 

The answer is, tinnitus is all of this. 

The causes of tinnitus are as follows: 

  • Age-related hearing loss
  • Damage to the inner ear due to exposure to loud sounds
  • Middle ear infection
  • A build-up of fluids and earwax in the inner ear

Audiometric testing in Sydney and how it functions

When you visit a hearing therapist or an audiometrist with the complaint of there being a buzz in your ears, they will recommend that you go in for an audiometric testing in Sydney

Here is what the test implies:

  • Distinguishing between speech and background noise
  • Acoustic reflex is measured
  • The patient’s hearing levels are measured with the help of an audiometer
  • The patient’s ability to distinguish between sound intensities is measured
  • The patient’s ability to distinguish between different pitches is determined

Tympanometry testing in Sydney and why it is done

When one experiences tinnitus, it is due to a hearing loss. When the brain interprets that there is a hearing loss and it is unable to perceive external sounds, the brain begins to magnify the sounds that are present within the ear and the brain itself. 

Thus the ringing and the buzzing emanates from the internal ecosystem of the brain. Hearing loss may be due to a wide variety of factors. 

Often, the eardrum does not vibrate efficiently thus causing hampering in the passage of sound.

The tympanometry testing in Sydney aims to check this out. 

This is how the tympanometry testing is done at the Hearing Aids’ Professionals clinic in Sydney:

  • A probe is put into each ear
  • The probe is attached to a device that pushes air into the ears 
  • The vibration of the eardrum is measured by recording it on a tympanogram

Tinnitus treatment in Sydney becomes easier when the problem is detected.

How do our audiometrists in Australia help?

Tinnitus can be difficult to deal with as it comes as a surprise. But we ensure that treatment is close at hand. Hearing Aids’ Professionals is a hearing clinic in Sydney that provides you with a range of services to help you hear better. 

The services provided by these audiometrists in Australia are: 

  • Comprehensive hearing assessment 
  • Tympanometry testing in Sydney 
  • Hearing aid fittings and follow-up checks 
  • At-home hearing tests in Sydney 
  • Aiding in industrial deafness claims
  • Pre-employment tests
  • Tinnitus treatment in Sydney 

Why do we put a great focus on providing you with the perfect hearing aids? 

It is a challenge to decipher which hearing aid would be the best fit for the lifestyle that you lead. This is where our audiometrists help. Our products are sourced from some of the best brand names in the market and thus quality is never compromised upon. 

Our audiometrists in Australia are with you every step of the way. Literally. We aren’t a brand that will close the deal once you have been fitted with the right hearing aids. 

Instead, we follow up, do home visits, question you about how the hearing aids are helping, ask you about any problems you are facing. 

A boon in the times of the pandemic has been the at-home hearing tests in Sydney that we carry out. Today, people fear stepping outside the comforts of their home to get a hearing test done as they think it may get them infected. 

Our audiometrists would like to advise you to not hold back. A hearing problem does not get better over time. Instead, it magnifies and could get to a point where immediate action will have to be taken. 

Just avail of an at-home hearing test in Sydney. It is simple, easy, cost-effective and you wouldn’t need to leave home. 
Get your test done today!