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Everything You Need To Know About The Types Of Hearing Loss And How They Can Be Addressed

The hearing loss treatment in Sydney’s Hearing Aids’ Professionals is one of the best in Australia 

You must be aware of the mechanism of hearing. Although complex in the precision with which it works, the mechanism of hearing is simple to understand.

Take for instance the sound of the motorbike that’s around the curb. You hear it loud and clear, or maybe faintly. This is determined by how well the hearing mechanism operates and which area there is a discrepancy in. 

The process of hearing proceeds as follows: 

  • The sound vibrations emanating from the motorbike reach the outer ear and travel through the ear canal
  • The sound vibrations then reach the eardrum and cause it to vibrate
  • Travelling through the inner ear, the vibrations reach the inner ear where the cochlea is located
  • The ossicles in the cochlea receive the sound and the fluid in them starts to vibrate with the sound
  • There are hair cells in the region that sense these vibrations and they are further picked up by the auditory nerves 
  • Thus this forms a kind of flow 
  • Hair cells at one end pick up the low pitch sound information and the auditory nerves at the other end pick up the high pitch sound
  • The auditory nerves move the signal to the region of the brain where sound is perceived 
  • The brain sends feedback to the ears 
  • You ‘hear’ the motorbike

Now that you are aware of the mechanism of hearing, this is how any problem in the process causes different kinds of hearing loss.

What you need to know about sensorineural hearing loss in Sydney 

This kind of hearing loss is seen when the nerve is affected or damaged. It is tougher to reverse the hearing loss or to correct it when the nerve is involved.

The causes of sensorineural hearing loss:

  • Virus 
  • Otosclerosis
  • Malformation of the inner ear
  • Tumours
  • Meniere’s disease 

What is the treatment available for sensorineural hearing loss?

Corticosteroids are used in many cases to subside the swelling seen in the cochlea hair. Often when the hearing loss occurs due to a rupture in the inner ear, there is a chance of surgery that can be explored. 

Cochlear implants are an option in cases where the damage is severe and no kind of therapy works. 

A non-invasive option would be hearing aids that can be worn along with assistive listening devices. These not only help the listener hear better but enhance the quality of conversations making them feel included. 

Conductive Hearing Loss in Sydney and what can be done about it

When there is a problem with the ear canal, the eardrum, or the parts of the middle ear through which sound passes and this deters the passage of sound, it is classified as conductive hearing loss. 

The causes of this kind of hearing loss are:

  • Infection in the ear canal
  • Earwax
  • Allergies 
  • Otosclerosis: a condition wherein there is bony formation in the middle ear and this prevents the small bones in this region from vibrating
  • Fluid in the middle ear

What should you do when you have conductive hearing loss?

Antifungal medications can to some extent help the infection in the middle ear. The fluid that has collected can be drained out. 

As in other cases, hearing aids can help with sound amplification. 

A Mixed Hearing Loss in Sydney

Coupling the nerve damage seen in sensorineural hearing loss and the middle ear damage seen in conductive hearing loss, mixed hearing loss is a combination of the two. 

In certain cases, it is better to have the conductive damage looked at first as correcting this can significantly help with the overall hearing. 

What can you expect from Hearing Aids’ Professionals?

At one of Australia’s premier hearing aid clinics, you can expect to be met with a team of audiometrists who are committed to one aim – making you hear better. 

Services here are curated depending on what your needs are and how you can get the maximum benefit of these. There are at-home hearing tests for those who do not wish to step out from the comforts of their home, mobile testing drives for those who find the clinic too far, tinnitus management to get rid of the buzz in the ear, NDIS plan to help you live more independently should you have a disability, employment tests so that you do not have to go through the hassle and the best part – customised products. 

Hearing aids are sourced from premier brands and are made to suit your needs. 

We understand hearing loss is a journey and you are constantly learning to deal with the challenges that arise every day. 
Let us make this journey easier for you.