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Excited for the bird season

Excited for the bird season but can’t stop hearing the ring? It’s time for Tinnitus Treatment Sydney

Are you in need of tinnitus management Sydney?

It is almost the dusk of winter and spring season will soon be upon us.

If you are a bird watcher then you too must be really excited to hear the first call of the Australian Magpie! But are there some other sounds that are constantly buzzing in your ears and completely ruining your experience? That might be tinnitus.

Having ringing ears is nothing to be scared about!

You must be surprised to know that on an average a whopping 9 out of 10 people experience at least some magnitude of tinnitus. Human ears are evolved in a way to evade irrelevant sounds so chances are that you might be healthy again before the birds arrive.

In some cases, tinnitus can be a result of the placebo effect. In these cases, people overthink about them having the tinnitus, further worsening the case.

What exactly is the cause of tinnitus and do you really need a tinnitus treatment Sydney– all of this could only be determined after a checkup at Hearing Aids’ Professionals’ clinic. After a thorough examination of your ears, we will let you know how you should proceed for the tinnitus management Sydney.

What might have caused your ears to ring?

The possibilities can be a lot and most likely than not, one of the following:

  1. Prolonged exposure to excessive noises: This is the second most common reason for tinnitus. If you work at a place where you are constantly exposed to sound louder than 85 dB or you listen to loud music with earphones on and off, you most likely are to get tinnitus. This could also happen when someone shouts in your ears or you get exposed to some other unexpected loud noise.
  1. Ear disease or infection: Some malfunction in the sensorineural nerves due to infection can cause the ear to lose the ability to negate selective frequencies.
  1. Ear or head trauma: Have you ever watched in a movie, when someone gets slapped on the ears or hits their head, a few following seconds are accompanied with whistling noise. That is a real deal and ear and head trauma can do that.
  1. Loss of hearing: This is the most common reason for tinnitus. Losing the hearing can cause the ear to lose the ability to evade irrelevant sound. Since it cannot hear anymore, it may not know what frequencies to focus on anymore.
  1. Stress: A person suffering from stress may get stuck in the vicious cycle of stress and the ringing sound. The stress and anxiety cause us to lose control over our nervous system, further worsening the situation.
  1. Medication: This is the least likely to be the reason for tinnitus but possible nonetheless

Hearing Aids’ Professionals: The Best Tinnitus Clinic Sydney

No matter what may the reason be for your ears to ring, experienced and proficient audiologists at Hearing Aids’ Professionals are well capable of aiding your problem. We will thoroughly examine your ear, run tests and figure out the root cause for the problem.

Plug in the Hearing Aids and Tinnitus Cycle will break

At Hearing Aids’ Professionals clinic, we break you out of this vicious cycle by providing you tinnitus management Sydney. Since the most common cause for tinnitus is the loss of hearing, with our grade 1 hearing aids you can bid goodbye to that. 

With us, you will have the liberty to choose your hearing aid provider hence you can rest assured about getting the best service you need.

Contact us today and enjoy the call of the birds without an annoying whistle!