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hearing aids blog 08 04 21

Industrial Deafness Is Common In These 4 Professions. Visit An NDIS Specialist today

Fantastic NDIS plan management in Sydney

Jobs are stressful. 

But some jobs more than others. 

Certain occupations leave you with a lasting impact, and no we are not referring to happy nostalgia but rather a hearing problem. 

Sectors these days are paying attention to the impact they have on their employees but this cannot be said of the past. 

Industrial deafness is a predominant cause of hearing loss problems and Hearing Aids’ Professionals – a team of hearing specialists in Sydney decided to do something about this. 

Approved by the NSW, industrial deafness claims can be made and you can avail free services and products to help with your hearing impairment. 

Here are the 4 most common professions that have an impact on one’s hearing. There are also solutions to this. 

Most factory workers go in for assistive listening devices later in life

The noise in industries and factories is significant to induce hearing loss after a span of time. This is among one of the most prevalent causes of hearing loss.

If you are a factory worker, here’s what you can do before it’s too late:

  • Industry-standard earplugs can work to block out the noise
  • Limit smoking. Smoking causes the cells in the body to suffocate and this happens in the ear canal as well. 
  • Ear-muffs could help too. These will enable you to hear your name being called out but prevent the loud sound from entering your ears. 

Visit a hearing aid specialist if you are experiencing hearing impairment and have been working in a factory in your early days. 

Dentists are at risk of hearing loss

If you are in the dental profession, you may often have gotten a headache with the drill sounds. 

Yes, a common complaint of all dentists. 

A long term exposure to these sounds could cause hearing impairment in the future and you may have to apply for NSW industrial deafness claims

Experts recommend that you use a pair of earmuffs as protection. Do not expose yourself to these sounds for long durations. Take breaks. 

Construction workers

Another sector where employees really do need to care about their ears. The construction business can have a serious lasting impact on your hearing if you do not take care in time. 

Should you now be facing the effects of loud sound on a daily basis, we suggest you get your pair of hearing aids in Sydney today. 

Sound industry professionals 

This includes musicians, those in the orchestra, sound engineers and many others. They work overtime with different ranges of sounds, pitches, instruments etc. and sometimes this amalgamation of sounds can be hard on the ears. 

Assistive listening devices are of great help should you be facing any hearing problems as a result of years in the music business. 

Why should you approach Hearing Aids’ Professionals? 

We have a multitude of services and products that will be of guaranteed help. With customised products to meet your needs, hearing aids in Sydney now come in amazing designs to suit your every need. 

We assist you with your NSW industrial deafness claims. If you have been engaged with a sector that has now impacted your hearing abilities, it is important to speak up and avail yourself of the services and amenities provided by the Government. 

Our audiometrists will help you with these claims and in all the tests that follow, as well as fit you with the right pair of hearing aids in Sydney

To make life simpler, we have assistive listening devices 

These can be fit into the various spaces or appliances or devices around your home or even handheld by the other person with whom you are in conversation. 

These devices are:

  • Amplified telephones
  • Notification systems
  • Amplified alarm clocks
  • Alert systems
  • Personal amplifiers 
  • TV streamers 

We offer an NDIS plan management in Sydney 

Under the NDIS plan, those under 60 years of age who have a disability of sorts and as a result of this face a hearing loss impairment, will get assistance. 

Free hearing aids and other services will be provided to them. We understand what a task it can be to deal with a disability and the effects that accompany it. 

Our products are sourced from some of the biggest and most trusted names in the market. You won’t be compromised with quality, and that is our assurance. 

Let’s get you to hear better 

Reach out to Hearing Aids’ Professionals today and check out the range of hearing aids and other products that we have. If you are looking to take a hearing test, you can now do so in the comfort of your home. 
Book your appointment now!