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Tinnitus Can Be The Effect Of A Hearing Loss

Tinnitus Can Be The Effect Of A Hearing Loss. Take A Hearing Test At Home At Your Convenience!

When it comes to hearing problems, there is a thin line between impairment of hearing and a total loss. Deafness or the inability to hear any sounds at all, no matter the intensity, is the very last stage.

However, permanent tone-deafness is not as common as the other hearing disabilities. Usually, with a cochlear implant in the ear, the hearing can be restored if it hasn’t been completely wiped out. 

Draining fluid-buildup or wax in the ear can be another way to improve the hearing power. While these are some issues that can occur with hearing, a common complaint is Tinnitus. 

Whatever the complaint, Hearing Aids’ Professionals can provide you with hearing aids to help.

What is tinnitus?

Classified as a ringing or a buzzing noise that one experiences in one or both ears, either constantly or at intervals, tinnitus is one of the most common effects of hearing loss.

You may have experienced it too, at some point in time. Although the majority of people experience a ringing or buzz in the ear for brief moments, when this ringing lasts for days on end or longer, it is classified as a condition which is a symptom of something deeper. 

The reasons for tinnitus could be:

  • Age-related Hearing Loss: The hair cells present in the ear, once damaged do not regrow. While ageing, these hair cells die and thus the ability to hear is compromised
  • An ear injury: An injury could damage the organ of Corti, and thus cause hearing to be affected
  • A circulatory disorder: The inner ear is sensitive to circulation, and thus any disturbance in blood flow could affect the hearing ability
  • Head trauma

Take an at-home hearing test today

Tinnitus is mainly caused due to hearing loss. Usually, the brain is accustomed to hearing sounds and picking up vibrations from the external environment. However, in this case, due to hearing impairment, the brain starts to pick up sounds from within the brain itself. This causes constant buzz and ringing perceptions. 

We understand how difficult hearing problems can be to deal with and thus thought of a way to make the experience a tad bit easier for you. 

We are offering hearing tests at your place, in the comfort of your home. Our audiometrists will take a brief history to determine the possible causes, and will then proceed to do a hearing test in order to fix you up with customised hearing aids.

Hearing Aids’ Professionals has a team of audiometrists who will ascertain the deeper cause of the tinnitus and then work towards ascertaining the impact of it on your daily life. Depending on this, we will help you manage this condition, with a plan suited to your lifestyle.

Don’t go far. Take that hearing test at home today. 

A hassle-free hearing test in Sydney

Get checked at your convenience in the comfort of your home. We have now introduced at-home hearing tests so that you shouldn’t have to wait long to get a consultation. 

Our hassle free hearing test in Sydney is devised just for you. 

Why should you get hearing aids?

Better Tinnitus Management and an easier life awaits!

The obvious reason would be, to hear better. But that isn’t the only medical reason. Hearing is one of the most crucial senses of the body, and it doesn’t only help you get an idea on what’s going on around you, but also helps you maintain balance and equilibrium. 

In case of tinnitus, hearing aids mask the internal noise, that is the buzzing or ringing, and amplify the background noise. This will help you hear better and eliminate any disturbances.

It is important to get the right kind of hearing aid, and one that suits your needs and feelings. Hearing Aids’ Professionals Sydney are driven to give you the best experience and the most natural one when it comes to re-establishing your sense of sound. 

The earlier, the better

Most people waste time, assuming the symptoms are temporary and will go away. Well, the good news is they might. But only if the cause is as minor as an ear-wax clogging the canal. 

It’s best to let an audiometrist check the extent of damage and help you get settled and accustomed to your new hearing aids. As you have seen, tinnitus is the effect of a hearing loss problem and can easily be resolved. You needn’t live with it. 

Why don’t you contact Hearing Aids’ Professionals today, and let them assess your situation?

It will be the best decision you make.