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What Is Hearing Loss? What Are The Symptoms And How Can It Be Treated?

When is the right time to take an audiometry test in Sydney? Read this article to know everything there is to be learnt about hearing loss

An arbitrary definition of deafness is the inability to hear sounds. However, there is much more to hearing loss than what you may have assumed to be a straight-cut condition. 

There are intricacies and specifics and the very process of hearing is so complex and has numerous parts involved that any issue in these could impact the hearing and perception of sound. 

What is hearing loss? 

To understand how the ears all of a sudden lose their ability to process sound, it is essential to comprehend the mechanism of hearing. 

  • The ear is made up of three parts – the external ear, the middle ear and the internal ear
  • Consider your friend calling out to you 
  • This comprises a sound wave that reaches your ear 
  • The sound wave is in the form of vibrations that reach the external ear 
  • The sound waves make their way through the auditory canal
  • The vibrations then reach the middle ear, the tympanic membrane and cause it to vibrate 
  • There are bones present in the inner ear and when the sound vibrations reach these, they begin to vibrate 
  • This vibration is further carried through the fluid that is present in the cochlea
  • The basilar membrane begins to vibrate 
  • The sensory cells on the organ of Corti receive these vibrations 
  • Nerve impulses are sent to the brain and the brain sends feedback, helping you to perceive the sound and recognise it 

In this complex machinery, if there is any step that goes amiss or any part that is not performing optimally, it could lead to a hearing loss. 

Depending upon which portion or function is affected, the hearing loss can be temporary or permanent. 

What are the symptoms of hearing loss?

The basic clue of if you have a hearing loss would be if you find yourself finding it tough to hear sounds. 

While age-related hearing loss is common, the elderly find it difficult to hear high-frequency sounds. However, even the young find it tough to sometimes perceive different kinds of sounds. 

The symptoms of a hearing loss can be: 

  • Hearing the television on loud because you are unable to figure out what is going on 
  • Feeling left out during daily conversations as you cannot hear properly 
  • Constantly asking people to repeat themselves
  • Straining your ears to catch a few sentences and get a gist of the conversation
  • A constant buzz or ringing sound in the ears

What are the causes of hearing loss? 

Age-related hearing loss is when people’s sensitivity to sound declines due to the changes in the inner ear. 

Other causes of hearing loss can be: 

  • Constant exposure to loud sounds. This is more common when you work in a profession that causes you to be exposed to these sounds on a daily basis. In these cases, you may want to apply for industrial deafness claims under NSW
  • Genetic hearing loss may also be responsible for you losing the ability to hear after a certain point in time
  • An infection that damages the nerve that extends between the ear and the brain 
  • Certain drugs known as ototoxic drugs may also have an effect on the hearing abilities 
  • Diseases such as Otosclerosis, Acoustic neuroma etc. can cause a loss of hearing 

What should you do in case of hearing loss? 

The first thing to do when you begin experiencing hearing loss would be to take an audiometry test in Sydney. The test helps determine the degree of hearing loss, whether something can be done, and also what should be the further plan of treatment.

Hearing Aids’ Professionals is a hearing clinic in Sydney that has all kinds of services related to hearing under one roof. 

As part of the range of services, there is: 

  • Hearing assessment 
  • Tympanometry testing 
  • Hearing discussion
  • Hearing aid fitting
  • Home visits
  • Industrial deafness claims
  • Pre-employment tests
  • Tinnitus management 
  • NDIS plan 

We can help you live a sound life

At Hearing Aids’ Professionals, we believe in improving your quality of life irrespective of what stage your hearing loss may be at. Hearing aids do not simply support but your companion during this journey. 

Along with hearing aids, there are assistive listening devices that we offer you that can enhance the quality of your conversations by enabling you to catch every word they say! 

Hearing loss should not be an obstruction in your ability to partake in conversations and engage in them. Why don’t you schedule a call with us and we will be more than happy to help. 

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