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You Can Get A Hearing Test At Home In Sydney! Why Wait Any Longer?

A free hearing test in Sydney awaits you

Hearing problems are never easy to cope with. 

We at Hearing Aids Professionals – a provider of hearing aid services in Australia understand this way too well and to make the process easier for you we have introduced something novel – hearing test at home in Sydney

Why this, what does the test entail, how can you avail of it and much more in this article? But first, the question you may have asked yourself at least once since you lost your hearing. 

Why Do People Suddenly Lose The Ability To Hear? 

In order to get the answer to this question, here is a short review of the mechanism of hearing: 

  • The cochlea is a small portion of the inner ear in the shape of a snail. 
  • There is an abundance of nerve cells present on the cochlea. 
  • There are hairs present on these nerve cells. 
  • Sound vibrations are carried from the hair cells to the brain. 
  • These hairs cannot be regenerated. 
  • Throughout a lifespan of a person, these hair cells are often damaged due to loud noise or infections. 
  • This is what comprises a person’s hearing ability. 

Are you constantly asking people to repeat what they’ve said?

You can now avail an at-home hearing test in Sydney at your convenience!

How Does An At-Home Hearing Test in Sydney Work?

A pure tone audiometry test. 

The test measures the softest and the least audible sound that a person is capable of hearing.

The hearing test taken at home in Sydney involves the participant wearing earphones and sounds are directed at one ear at a time. The sounds are not of a single frequency but rather a range of sounds. 

A word recognition test may also be done to check if the person is able to understand speech and differentiate this from background noise. 

If word recognition is poor, speech sounds are garbled and help the audiometrist in knowing the type of hearing aid you require and the hearing aid fitting is done. Sydney and other cities in Australia are where Hearing Aids’ Professionals have their expertise spread out. 

What Does An At-Home Hearing Test in Sydney Involve?

The test does not only involve pre-hearing aid consultations but also follow-up visits. Hearing Aids’ Professionals is committed to the following:

  • Our audiometrists will drop by to discuss your hearing problems and you can take a test for the same. 
  • A free hearing test in Sydney will be offered to you. You can avail this at home. 
  • You can select the hearing aid of your choice – a customised one to suit your lifestyle. 
  • The hearing aid fitting will be done in your home in Sydney. 
  • There are follow up appointments every 12 months to ensure that you are comfortable with the hearing aid and that it is performing to its full potential.

Unmatched Hearing Aid Services in Australia!

We are your specialists next door who believe in following up relentlessly with you to know if our products are doing their job and ensure you are happy. 

Yes, you can get a free hearing test in Sydney! But that is just one among our other special services. Have you heard? We know also consult for:

Why Hearing Aids’ Professionals?

Need a hearing aid? 

It’s your number one solution! 

But along with providing you with services to cope with hearing distress or loss, Hearing Aids’ Professionals also offer rehabilitative and counselling programs. 

Losing your hearing is no easy path, and along with the physical coping that the body goes through, there is also the emotional and mental aspect to deal with. 

As a hearing aid service provider in Australia, we look at this as our number one task to help you. 

When is The Best Time To Visit An Audiometrist? 

No hearing problem is ever too small to just let go off. 

Whether you hear a buzz in your ears or a ringing that lasts for days or if you experience pain of any kind, you need to reach out to an audiometrist near you. 

Hearing problems can affect balance too. Hence, if you have been noticing that you have dizzy spells or cannot figure out your orientation often, it may be time for a consult! 

You do not need to come to us. 

We will come to you

Just let us know where you are.