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Why Is Hearing Important For Your Child’s Development And What Should You Be Paying Attention To

When is it the right age for an audiometric test in Sydney?

One of the most important skills that children need for their overall development is hearing. It influences their reading, writing and most importantly speaking. 

When children learn the art of enunciating words by watching adults do the same, only then will it be possible for them to start talking the language. 

In this article you will be made aware of when to start looking for signs of hearing loss in your child, what should you then do, how can you help your child, and where should you reach out for kids hearing test in Sydney in order to help them hear better. 

Why is hearing vital to children’s development? 

Children learn by watching. They listen carefully to sounds and repeat the same. In this process, a child who cannot hear very well will miss out on the sounds and thus on the entire process of hearing. 

How is hearing loss in children identified? 

In kids, even a slight degree of hearing loss should be addressed at the earliest. There are various thresholds that determine the degree of hearing loss. 

  • Mild hearing loss (the condition of not being able to hear sounds below 25-40 dB)
  • Moderate hearing loss (the condition of not being able to hear sounds below 41-60 dB)
  • Severe hearing loss (the condition of not being able to hear sounds below 61-80 dB)
  • Profound hearing loss (the condition of not being able to hear sounds below 81 dB)

How common is hearing loss in children? 

If you are planning on taking a kids hearing test in Sydney, you may be wondering how many children have this test done. 

While hearing loss is not very common in kids, it is prevalent. Often kids who have a disability have hearing loss as an accompanying side effect. 

Under the NDIS plan in Sydney, these kids can get hearing aids and other hearing loss-related services free of cost. 

How do you decipher if your child has hearing loss?

In kids, it does become a task to figure out whether they are suffering from a loss of hearing or if they just don’t want to listen. 

Look out for these signs and symptoms in your child: 

  • A newborn hearing screen is performed at hospitals after birth in order to check for infant hearing loss
  • If your newborn is not startled by loud noises, it may be cause for concern
  • If your child does not respond to your voice or show any signs of acknowledgement 
  • Your baby not turning their head in response to familiar sounds may mean that they cannot hear you
  • If your child does not start using simple words and sentences 
  • If they cannot follow basic instructions and are confused as to what to do next 
  • If your toddler is misunderstanding questions and answering wrongly 
  • Frequent complaints of earaches and noises 
  • Watch out for signs like them turning the TV volume too high or sitting too close to the set

You may want to go in for audiometric testing in Sydney

What treatment can you go in for to help your child with their hearing loss?

Assistive listening devices in Sydney can be a great help to ease the troubles your child is facing. 

These devices enable them to have better meaningful conversations by way of distinguishing noise from sound and helping them hear clearly. 

Some other treatment methods may be: 

  • A cochlear implant 
  • Speech therapy 
  • Clearing the wax buildup
  • A non-invasive hearing examination 
  • A bone-anchored hearing system for a severe outer-ear malformation 

You may want to check out the assistive listening devices by this hearing clinic in Sydney

Hearing Aids’ Professionals is a hearing clinic in Sydney where you can get everything you need to go ahead with your treatment plan for hearing loss. 

As part of their exclusive services, you will find: 

  • Comprehensive hearing assessment 
  • Tympanometry testing
  • Kids hearing test Sydney
  • Hearing aid fitting
  • Hearing services under the NDIS plan Sydney 
  • Tinnitus treatment Sydney

Choosing an audiometrist for your child, who will not only come down to their level to assess what is wrong but also has the knowledge, empathy and care to deal with children does not have to be tough. 

Our team is made up of professionals who have a skill-set that is suited to what you are looking for. 

Do not delay taking that audiometry test or having one done for your child. Hearing loss progresses the more it is left unattended and it is vital that your tot does not miss out on any learning. 
Contact the audiometrists today and we’ll fix an appointment according to your convenience. Let’s make a start towards a better tomorrow.